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Formerly AG Health Partner, now Waldon

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Employee wellbeing according to Waldon: evidence-based and trusted

Your work goes to the heart of who you are. It is a place where challenges, new experiences and opportunities take shape. The driving force behind your professional and personal growth, although in reality that is no guarantee. This requires optimal wellbeing in every sense of the word: mental, physical and social. And that is precisely where Waldon’s expertise lies. 

Did you know that Waldon is part of AG Beyond SA? Founded originally as AG Health Partner, today the firm is known as Waldon. Its own name, identity and new look and feel, but still with AG Beyond (and AG Insurance too) as our most loyal supporter. 

An approach with impact

This is reflected in its evidence-based, analytical approach. It shines through our customers’ stories. You can see it in your employees. That’s right, Waldon aims for maximum ROW (Return on Wellbeing). 

As a result, we take impact very seriously. Because we invest in people, we also invest in scientific research. We regularly collaborate with proven experts for this purpose. 

Ellen noteert een stappenplan

People as the focal point

According to Waldon, wellbeing goes hand in hand with humanity. People serve as the motivation for everything we do. This value manifests through our open, inclusive environment. One that welcomes every perspective and interest, but also promotes them. 

At the same time, we consider engaged and motivated employees a joint effort. This translates into a transversal approach to work and transparent communication. We believe in ‘for’ as well as ‘with’ you. Because an organisation may have dreams, but the community fulfils them.

Deelnemers roadshow

Boundless optimism

At Waldon, we view wellbeing in a scientific but optimistic way. Our DNA is characterised by the optimism of progress. Our vision? Every difficulty is an opportunity. And the point of failure is a tipping point, at which obstacles suddenly become opportunities for growth. A dynamic process of learning, and later thriving. 

But you only broaden your horizon if there is a clear point to aim for. A clear but common goal. Together, we strive to achieve the most motivated and engaged version of yourself and your employees.

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