New branding, same promise: that's Waldon!

Discover the story behind Waldon, just as thought-through as our solutions.

15 May 2024
Team Waldon

AG Health Partner changes its name to Waldon! After five years, the time has come for a new name and a rebrand. Our mission remains the same, however, and is even more strongly rooted in our DNA. More than ever, we are focused on making employee wellbeing strategic and accessible. Our new slogan therefore is: Empower Your Wellbeing. So, what has changed then? Discover the story behind Waldon, which is just as well-thought-through as our solutions. 

Growing through learning

We have grown considerably since our inception five years ago. Although our team collectively has many more years of experience, working in a young organisation is always a challenge.

Our mission was clear from the start, and in time its social relevance also became increasingly apparent. At the same time, our approach needed some fine-tuning. We found it quite challenging to streamline all the expertise in our ecosystem.

We also noticed that our old name - AG Health Partner - tended to sometimes create false expectations. While wellbeing is a cornerstone of health, we never aspired to offer any medical guidance, preferring to leave this to doctors. Instead, we strive to make a difference with our expertise in wellbeing.

We did run into some growing pains along the way. But ultimately, this promoted more maturity. And it is this maturity that planted the seeds for a new era. AG Health Partner is now Waldon!

Why Waldon?

Our name pays tribute to the pioneering work of Geoffrey Waldon, a renowned British neurologist. By observing children, Waldon realised that a structured physical environment supports learning and development. This is typically applied in nursery school, where non-verbal communication (using stickers, different materials and textures, for example) is used for learning.

Waldon's approach is thus all about 'learning to learn' in a specific setting, a principle that aligns with our ambitions for workplace wellbeing. We actively raise awareness about the impact of the working environment on a person's wellbeing. We see this as a shared responsibility of the employer and the employee. Leading to shared success.

So how to we put this into practice? We look at wellbeing through a scientific but optimistic lens. We call this the Waldon method. This way of working is strongly influenced by progress optimism, from the strategy to its implementation. Turning difficulties into possibilities. Moving from opportunity to tipping point. This positive psychology is now more strongly woven into our new brand identity. Because there can be no Waldon without well done.

Our value compass points the way to our goal


We started from this vision to distil the values that underpin Waldon. The first was clear from the outset: humanity. Customer experiences were unanimous, stating that our emotional intelligence and empathy make all the difference. We embrace digitalisation as a transforming strength because automation and AI help us to free up the time and space for interpersonal relationships.


Our gut feeling serves as a hint, but data confirm it. Waldon always acts from science. This evidence-based approach is, therefore, deeply rooted in our brand personality. We always adopt a strategic approach. Taking targeted action, with the right people at the right time, to achieve sustainable impact, time and again.


Waldon is also driven by this impact and results. And our optimism is incredibly infectious. At Waldon, 'what if' scenarios are never synonymous with doom and gloom. Instead, we see them as an incentive to raise the bar, with a realistically optimistic mindset.

We do what we do thanks to this value compass. Working as a co-pilot with HR. As a companion to every employee. Using an array of evidence-based tools and pathways, we are on a mission to strengthen human capital, your company's most important asset.

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