Manuchar makes the comparison after two wellbeing surveys among employees

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Continuous monitoring, Capture employees' needs, Promote wellbeing
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In a nutshell

The request: 

Assess the wellbeing status of the staff based on wellbeing initiatives implemented after a previous Waldon wellbeing survey.  

The solution: 

A comparative analysis based on our MyWellri: a scientifically based wellbeing survey. The result? Valuable insights and advice for matching new welfare initiatives. 

A little longer

Manuchar - headquartered in Antwerp - is a leading distributor of chemicals in emerging markets and actively trades in various raw materials. With an annual turnover of $2.4 billion and a global presence in more than 40 countries, Manuchar puts the wellbeing of its employees at the centre stage. 

To assess the wellbeing status of its staff, Manuchar turned to Waldon. This time to measure the effectiveness of initiatives they had implemented since the last Waldon survey in 2021. The goal? To understand whether the actions launched had yielded tangible results. 

Accordingly, in December 2023, Waldon conducted a second wellbeing assessment for Manuchar. Continuous feedback on participation rates throughout the entire survey period ensured real-time adjustments within Manuchar's internal communication strategies. This ensured optimal engagement with the survey and a high participation rate. We thus made a meaningful comparison with valuable insights into the development of wellbeing in Manuchar over a period of two years.

We provided detailed reports with results compared to benchmarks, statistical thresholds, and a summary contrasting the key findings. We then relied on this report to propose a series of initiatives in line with the Manuchar’s changing needs. We are thereby doing our bit for continuous progress on improving employee wellbeing and engagement. 

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