Colas opts for renewed vision on employee wellbeing

Colas was faced with increased staff turnover, a number of structural challenges, and a work environment that was generally in need of improvement. Waldon made a difference!
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Werknemer Colas

In a nutshell

The request: 

Map out how Colas could structurally improve employee wellbeing at two of their sites.

Our solution:

A series of focus groups with various stakeholders to gain better insights into the underlying issues and establish a solution. 

A little longer

Colas Belgium - a subsidiary of the Colas Group - has been a world leader in the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure and facilities since 1988. The company operates in various fields including road construction, railways, (air)ports, industrial, and logistical infrastructure and facilities. With a network of regional entities spread across the country, Colas Belgium manages projects of all sizes efficiently.

Colas faced several challenges, including increased staff turnover, structural issues due to the separation of two cooperating entities, and a work environment in need of improvement. With the departure of experienced staff, the onboarding process for new employees also became much more challenging all of a sudden. This created a growing demand for targeted interventions to address these issues, so they came knocking on Waldon’s door. 

We launched a series of focus groups involving different parties such as site managers, team leaders, office staff, and labourers in the two sites. During these sessions - based on insights from a quantitative employee satisfaction survey - we explored underlying issues affecting employee wellbeing, with the aim of identifying solutions jointly.

We defined clear objectives and a timeline through individual intake interviews with site managers and HR. We also took care of the preparation, composition, and planning of the focus groups. We translated insights into concrete plans that Colas implemented based on follow-up sessions with management and a wellbeing laboratory. 

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