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Wellbeing as a Service: human, multidimensional and measurable

Wellbeing is a complex web of different interests, perspectives and data. How do you place HR and employees on an equal footing in your wellbeing policy? What do you need to do to put your employees in charge of their wellbeing? While keeping your finger on the pulse? 

At Waldon, we are fans of completeness. We provide wellbeing from A to Z, which we call WaaS or Wellbeing as a Service. Our My Health Partner platform brings this concept to life! It translates strategic choices and action plans for your HR organisation. The platform bundles all the initiatives and content for employees, personalised to the smallest detail.

With this full-circle solution, people remain at the centre of every step of the process. Still prefer to experience the Waldon effect first with a separate programme? That’s possible too. We always complete the picture with reporting and clear recommendations. Moving forward together as one, the circle is complete. 

The Waldon method: Wellbeing as a Service

One point of contact for all your questions

Wellbeing covers multiple areas. Are they your responsibility? If so, you are in charge of broadly outlining and rolling them out. A huge responsibility that sometimes staggers the bridge between strategy and execution. 

Those who partner with Waldon no longer have to worry about this. Your wellbeing manager is happy to take on all tasks. Strategy, action plan, implementation, reporting and, if necessary, calling in one of our recognized and screened partners. This, combined with interim coordination and communication, provides a direct line to an approach that works.

Waldons wellbeingmanagers
United and connected - digitally too - via My Health Partner

The wellbeing of your employees is a shared benefit. But how do you make sure they invest in it in the first place? Rewarded with motivation, productivity and balanced wellbeing? Offline actions are one thing. But more than ever, wellbeing has a digital dimension. 

That’s why Waldon developed the My Health Partner digital platform. It gives your teams a space in which they can work on themselves with confidence. This online arsenal includes e-learnings, self-assessment tests, personalised recommendations and content, online workshops, videos and gamification. Integrated and personalised, following the proven stepped-care principle. All on one central platform, which can be designed to reflect your corporate identity. 

Reporting to provide direction

How engaged are your employees? To what extent do they use the tools provided? What do the results reveal about the effect of your actions? Interacting with your team gives you a gut feeling, but the numbers tell you the truth. 

Waldon measures the impact of your actions to the core. We evaluate your results from a broad perspective, focused with an analytical eye. Your wellbeing manager visualises your progress and makes adjustments based on intuitive and clear dashboards. Think first, then act - from the starting point to when things begin to progress. Because employee wellbeing is an ongoing mission. 


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