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Your employees' wellbeing: shared commitment, complete satisfaction

Companies that put the wellbeing of their employees first are already reaping the benefits. Higher productivity as well as lower absenteeism. Greater loyalty and even more operating profit. All measurable benefits. So it is clear that investing in employee wellbeing pays off. But how does an organisation nurture sustainable success?

Waldon takes a scientific but optimistic view of wellbeing in the workplace. From nudging to reward-based reinforcement, we apply the principles of positive psychology for effective behavioural change. These evidence-based practices are the roots of our accessible pathways.

The Waldon method: boost your employees' wellbeing

Driven by every employee

Employee wellbeing is something universal - regardless of employment status and working hours or the type of company. At the same time, every employee has specific needs. If you fulfil them, you really will create the desired support for your wellbeing initiatives.

Data maps out the wellbeing landscape for the organisation as a whole. But with a programme focused on the individual, you successfully refine the execution. That’s why Waldon applies stepped care. This method ensures every employee receives a personalised range of options. From education to group classes and individual counselling. Customisation is the only way to put people first. 

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Supported by every team

What makes a strong team? The right composition, resilience and, above all, their managers. Employee satisfaction flourishes under the wings of strong leaders. We are not the only ones to see that: research has already proven the inextricable link between leadership and employee wellbeing. 

Waldon turns managers into a lever to motivate employees. At the core is a healthy energy balance. We make sure they are empowered in terms of physical, emotional, social and mental wellbeing. In addition, our group programmes enhance mutual cohesion and communication. 

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An organisation-wide boost

So with Waldon, you get more than just a sounding board. As a loyal companion, we nurture individual as well as collective interests. Only through this combined effort does the depth of our initiatives become clear. That’s why, step by step, everyone is given the necessary tools, focusing on the general wellbeing vision. 

At the organisational level, we invest in raising awareness. We use keynotes, workshops and other pathways to ensure that wellbeing at work is more than just isolated examples. Doesn't that sound like music to your ears?

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