How Wellbeing as a Service offers a sustainable solution for wellbeing at work

28 April 2022
Wellbeing managers

The importance of being a caring employer

Absenteeism figures paint a grim picture: in 2021 nearly half a million employees were absent for a longer period of time. More than 30% of these workers suffered from stress-related disorders. The total number of absentees is also increasing every year, accounting for a 130% increase since 2000. So what is the cause of all this absenteeism? Stress. Interestingly, most employees point the finger at their employer when asked what caused their troubles.

That is why becoming a caring employer can make all the difference. Something that involves much more than the odd team building or yoga session on people’s lunch breaks. A caring employer realises that the organisation needs a strategic and comprehensive wellbeing policy, for office and remote work. In which you take a closer look at the mental, physical and social wellbeing of your employees. As well as taking into account their collective and individual needs.

Wellbeing at work, an art in itself

Weigh up your wellbeing policy instead of rushing it through. Start by aligning it with your company vision and objectives. Obviously the next step is a noticeable buy-in by management: practice what you preach! Thirdly, always remember that wellbeing at work is not a static concept. Instead it is a dynamic process that requires continuous monitoring and adjustment. For which a data-driven approach is indispensable.

And lastly, but most importantly: involve your employees in this process! Request their feedback and show that you are taking it on board. This will encourage them to also work on their wellbeing. Because make no mistake: wellbeing at work is a shared responsibility. As an employer, however, you need to be the one who offers a framework and provides the right tools for this.

As you can tell, wellbeing at work is an art in itself. And HR managers don’t always have the right expertise, time or capacity to do this themselves. 

A WaaS pioneer

When you entrust your employees’ wellbeing to a WaaS pioneering specialist like Waldon, we take the entire job off your hands. From audit and strategy to implementation, communication to your employees and follow-up thanks to your dedicated Wellbeing Manager: WaaS takes three important pillars into account.


The human pillar consists of the Wellbeing Manager who is assigned to you and who is your fixed point of contact throughout this process. He or she is the architect of your wellbeing policy, taking care of everything. You get to immediately reap the benefits of tapping into our high-quality network of leading Belgian experts. Thanks to our cooperation with screened partners, this Wellbeing Manager can apply a multidisciplinary approach to wellbeing at work. This contact person will use quantitative and qualitative data to develop a scientific and holistic framework for wellbeing together with you. Which, in turn, can be used to establish an action plan that is tailored to your needs.

While you focus on the wellbeing of your employees, Health Partner ensures a seamless rollout. Your employees can use My Health Partner, the digital pillar of WaaS, to work on their wellbeing 24/7 in an accessible way. Using e-learnings, online workshops, videos, self-tests and gamification. But not every employee has the same needs. That is why My Health Partner prides itself on the principles of stepped care, ensuring that every employee receives the right tailor-made assistance. Finally, we also take the communication off your hands. With online and offline activation campaigns your wellbeing policy becomes a dynamic process!

Finally, there’s the analytic pillar: you get a clear idea of your ROI thanks to our continuous analyses and in-depth reporting. Based on short questionnaires, every employee receives insights about his or her wellbeing and a personalised offer to tackle challenges. Your Wellbeing Manager visualises the progress of your wellbeing policy based on intuitive and detailed dashboards. Which you can use to draw well-documented conclusions. This is the only way to achieve a wellbeing policy with an enduring impact!

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