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5 steps to employee wellbeing

  1. Analysis

    Confirm HR suspicions & capture needs
    Result: evidence-based reporting
  2. Strategy

    Translate needs into a wellbeing strategy
    Result: support from top management
  3. Rollout

    Transform your strategy into an action plan
    Result: clear and consistent guideline
  4. Staff activation

    Implement your action plan with the right incentives
    Result: committed employees
  5. Reevaluation

    Adjust your action plan where necessary
    Result: maximize impact

The Waldon method: the path to a robust wellbeing policy

From data to dialogue

How do people in your organisation feel about your current wellbeing initiatives? What are their priorities? Wellbeing can only take off if you look at it from your employees’ perspective. If you put them behind the wheel of wellbeing at work, they will embrace your wellbeing policy. Engagement and ownership is what we strive for. 

Everything starts with data collection. Thanks to our wellbeing audit, focus groups and wellbeing surveys, etc. we identify a range of relevant issues. From sleep to technostress: we measure qualitatively, quantitatively and above all, effectively. 

Co-creation in the cockpit

Evidence-based information is only useful if used in a targeted way. Data collection may be the starting point, but identifying actionable insights always guides the way to a smart wellbeing policy. 

Your wellbeing manager knows the ropes, and determines the priorities with you. Based on best practices and years of experience, he will put together a detailed strategy based on your needs. Every business is different, so our approach is too. The resulting wellbeing policy becomes the navigation system for an action plan incorporating all your initiatives. 

Maximum adoption, our target

Wellbeing only becomes actionable with well-oiled implementation. Because ultimately, you want to get everyone on board with your policies. But how do you ensure your actions are welcomed by your employees?

Waldon aims for sustainable behavioural change with a well-considered combination of programmes, pathways and workshops. We developed each one with renowned industry experts and they are available (if suitable for online use) on our digital platform My Health Partner. Furthermore, we are also happy to support you in streamlining online and offline communication. So maximum adoption is by no means an option. 

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Assess the needs of your employees with the employability-vouchers

With the Flemish employability voucher scheme, you'll get financial aid to help you identify and improve wellbeing outcomes in the workplace. Through this scheme, the Flemish Government will subsidise up to 60% of your project, up to a maximum of €9,000. An important prerequisite is that the services have to be delivered by a licensed registered service provider such as Waldon.

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