The CGWB takes a look at the mental workload through My Health Partner

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In a nutshell

The request: 

Take concrete measures to minimise the mental workload of employees at the CGWB (Federal Police). 

The solution:

Temporary access to the ‘My Health Partner’ platform, where every employee could seek advice to improve their wellbeing in the long term. 

A little longer

During the COVID-19 pandemic and as part of the annual action plan, the internal Directorate for the Prevention and Protection at Work of the Federal Police wanted to take concrete measures to reduce the mental workload of its 70 employees. The main goal was to provide everyone with a means to seek advice and to take action to improve their wellbeing in the long term. As our offer addressed with their needs nicely, they knocked on Waldon’s door.  

What did they think of the cooperation? Feel free to read along:

We were able to log in to the "My Health Partner" platform for seven months via a computer or smartphone, which was of great added value. Our employees appreciated in particular the challenges offered (the Globetrotter Challenge was a big hit) and the workshops that they could attend remotely and review later.  We would like to thank the Waldon team for their availability, good follow-up, and excellent cooperation throughout the project.

Computerscherm met My Health Partner

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