Corporate Wellbeing Expert

Full-time position

Why choose us?

Join a workplace where you can take initiative, where everyone encourages you to showcase your abilities, and where your colleagues work together to shape the future. Are you someone who truly puts the customer first? Are you, like many other companies and their executive committees, aware of the growing importance of workplace wellbeing and its strategic impact? See you soon at Waldon!

This is your dream job!

Waldon is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year and has already established a comprehensive and innovative range of services for employers. Our goal: to enhance the wellbeing of our clients by promoting the health and engagement of their employees. To further develop our activities, we are looking for a Corporate Wellbeing Expert.

Your role?

As a Corporate Wellbeing Expert, you will contribute to the growth of Waldon in Belgium and beyond. You will play a key role within our Customer Success & Innovation team. Your primary responsibilities include guiding and supporting our clients in their pursuit of a sustainable wellbeing policy, driving product innovation within our portfolio, and fostering overall growth within our company. You will create a significant impact in an organization with a human touch, always maintaining an optimistic perspective.

What does your day look like?

  • You work together with the client/employer to determine the exact needs regarding wellbeing, you search for a suitable methodology, and ensure a correct and qualitative execution of the project. This is done in collaboration with the Wellbeing Manager.
  • You are responsible for capturing the needs of the employees. For this, you make use of various tools from our range such as our wellbeing survey, focus groups, and interviews. You facilitate these focus groups, implement our survey, and formulate recommendations based on the results.
  • Together with the client and their top management, you further develop the well-being vision and strategy of the company. This may also involve creating buy-in from the various stakeholders, for example, by delivering an inspiring keynote.
  • You ensure that the action plans in the company come to life through our partner network, our programs, and our digital tools. For the practical implementation of the digital tools, you can rely on the expertise of your colleague project manager in wellbeing.
  • You are also constantly seeking customer feedback and insights to improve customer satisfaction and optimize our products and services. You gladly share these with the rest of the team. You guarantee innovation in the wellbeing landscape. You eagerly follow wellbeing trends and developments in the market and can translate them into our products to stimulate Waldon growth. This may involve working in parallel to optimize our survey, brainstorming a concept for a new digital wellbeing program, or searching for new partners to strengthen our ecosystem.

This is entirely you!

  • You have a master's degree (preferably in (business) psychology) and you are passionate about workplace wellbeing
  • You have several years of work experience, during which you have demonstrated your ability to coach an organization towards greater wellbeing in the workplace. You feel at home with the various stakeholders within the organization, both in HR and in management
  • You possess excellent communication skills (both oral and written), you can converse with a wide range of people and manage to make them laugh - even over the phone
  • You speak fluent Dutch, English, and/or French
  • You enjoy strengthening customer relationships and creating impact
  • You are an entrepreneur - you love fast-paced and dynamic environments where your job content can evolve quickly
  • You're excited to work in a startup environment, meaning you can handle changes well, you dare to think outside the box, and you have a whatever-it-takes mindset
  • MS tools (PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) hold no secrets for you

You wouldn't want to miss this!

  • A fantastic job in startup mode but with the support of a reliable shareholder, AG
  • The opportunity to shape an innovative business
  • An enthusiastic, dynamic, and passionate team
  • A hybrid work environment
  • A full-time permanent employment contract
  • Lots of fun!

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